An arm assembler


Armish is an assembler like any other. With parenthesis around the instructions. It's Armish's aim is to be a bit on the general side. It assembles arm and thumb code, but new features of the latest processors are not (yet/ever) supported. They're quite backwards compatible though, those processors, last time I checked. Armish should be usable for arm architectures 3 through 5 (till arm9), and of those just the core. No enhanced dsp instructions or such. Complaints about missing features are welcome. See Liards, for a lib that actually uses it.

Based upon thumb assembling code by Jeff Massung.

Mailing List


To get the latest development version, do a:

darcs get

Armish depends on Umpa-Lumpa, Arnesi, Split-Sequence and FiveAM:
darcs get                                                                                                                 
darcs get                                                                                                                          
darcs get                                                                                                                        
darcs get                                                                                                                   

Get them to play nice with asdf and fire up Armish.

Versioned releases have kinda been scratched for the time being.

You can also browse the darcs tree and commit log if you like.


In the README in the document root, or the online darcs one.

Project members

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